Thursday, 8 December 2016

"Nushell" by Ian McEwan

I could not put down Ian McEwan's latest novel "Nutshell" published by Jonathan Cape (2016).

"Nutshell" is a thoroughly novel-way to tell a tale and to build a crime fiction: the narrator and main witness is the unborn child of a murderess. 

Listening in from the womb, this not-yet-infant will try to prevent the awful act that his mother and her lover are planning. 

"Nutshell" is a reflection on the primordial link between the womb & the world, between empathy & desire, between birth & rebirth. And love.

McEwan's style is like a feather's caress, so insightful and otherwordly. A similar style to Rachel Cusk whose work I - for lack of a better verb - adore.

Side note: wine lovers & poets will love this novel and its many literary and oenology references.

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