Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Gap of Time by Jeanette Winterson

"The Gap of Time" is Jeanette Winterson's readaptation of Shakespeare's "The Winter's tale", published by Penguin Random House (2016)

Winterson has brought this classic tale to 21st century America in a small town called New Bohemia 😋

Leo, founder of the billion-dollar worth Silicia company, is completely losing his mind convincing himself that his pregnant wife MiMi is having an affair with his best friend Xeno.

Maddened by his failure to kill Xeno, Leo decides to kidnap his new-born baby girl whom he believes is not his. He convinces Tony Gonzales, his well-meaning & naïve gardener, to deliver the baby to Xeno with $50,000, jewels & a song titled "Perdita", to make his point.

But Xeno is not home having fled from fear, and Gonzales is spotted by a couple of thugs who know about the cash & shoot him dead to get it.

What will become of Perdita?

Well, we kind of know the end don't we, but the modern setting & new cloak crafted to reweave this tale of madness, revenge, heartbreak & love, are vibrant and exciting.

It makes me want to reread Shakespeare all over again which surely is also the point of readapting his work to celebrate Shakespeare 400th birthday, to keep his plays alive, and show the timelessness of his genius.

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