Thursday, 29 December 2016

Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi


Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi translated from the French by Shaun Whiteside.

This #crimenovel is set in France in Giverny, the village in which Claude Monet painted until his last. The crime is linked to this part of the village's history & it was the main reason why I picked it up. 
But! O' the disappointment... I can't remember when I read a #detective fiction driven by what I'd qualify as the most idiotic and cowardly inspector there is in the history of my reading, and the novel is not even a comedy.
The story can be divided into 3 parts:
1- a very good, somewhat gripping first half if you excuse the caricatural charmer & thoroughly lazy main character, Inspector Sérénac.
2- an abysmally constructed and nonsensical turn into the events that will lead to the resolution of the mystery.
3- the truth revealed which is actually very good but has nothing to do with the first half.

It's not easy to play with time lines in a story, to go back & forth in time, and be there-and-not at the same time. This is why this novel ended up such a mess, this is a case of "Inception" gone wrong.

I am ranting but I did enjoy the first half, I wish someone would pick it & write the end, and that someone else would write the beginning of that very interesting last part. Two novels in one, none completed.

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