Thursday, 2 February 2017

"Out" by Natsuo Kirino

I finished "Out" by Natsuo Kirino and it was 😍😱😨😵🌋😘💜 ! What a novel. To prepare for reading it, I'd suggest you first (re)watch Kill Bill, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown & Matador!

Out is a must read for anyone interested in Japanese crime fiction. It's a gore, bloody, violent, insightful, philosophical, dark story that reflects on fate, and whether we can ever escape the consequences of the choices we make.

The story: four women work night shifts at a food factory. They're of different ages, of different backgrounds but all struggle in their family lives and men are mostly at the root of their problems. When young and pretty Yayoi, mother of two young boys, hears from her husband that he's gambled all their savings and spends all his wage on Anna, a high class prostitute, she is more than heart broken. She is enraged. When her husband beats her for good measure, she kills him then calls Masako, one of the girls at work to get some help. Masako takes the body to her house, calls her colleague Yoshie and they cut him into small pieces. Now what should they do with the body parts? When Kuniko, their fourth colleague unexpectedly turns up at Masako's house, they decide to divide the bags between themselves and throw them in various places around the city, hoping he'll never be found and if they are, that the body will never be identified. But Kuniko is sloppy and her lots of bags are found. The body parts are quickly identified as Kenji's, Yayoi's husband. Anna's protector, Satake, is quickly suspected of the murder because he is known to have committed a horrendous crime 17 years ago. Held in jail until released for lack of proof, he looses his business and all the life he's built for the last 10 years. Once out, Satake is furious, and he's decided to find and hunt Kenji's real murderer. And the chase begins!

Out was translated from the Japanese by Stephen Snyder.

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