Sunday, 16 October 2011

In memory of the Algerian victims of 17 October 1961

50 years today.

Algerians in Paris peacefully demonstrated for an independent Algeria on 17 October 1961. Hundreds of them were attacked and massacred by French police and thrown into the river Seine. These killings were never acknowledged by the French authorities. Today, demonstrations all over France are taking place to ask that this massacre be formally recognised.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Justice for Mohammed Baba Nadjar

This is a translation of Algeria Watch's page on Baba Nadjar here (in French) and part of Kalima DZ's latest communiqué about this young man's case (in French).

"Mohamed Baba-Nadjar, born on 4 January 1984 is from Ghardaïa. He was 21 years-old when Brahim Bazine was attacked and assassinated in October 2005. Brahim Bazine was a member of the Red Crescent's local office and a former militant of the FFS [Algeria's socialist party].

With no proof whatsoever, Mohamed Baba-Nadjar was accused of having murdered Bazine, his sentence on 6 June 2006 was the death penalty. Since then he has been incarcerated in Ghardaïa’s prison where he was tortured.

On Saturday 03 January 2009 the appeal of young Mohamed Baba Nadjar should have been heard. It was postponed for the second time running. No other date was fixed for the case to be heard.

The prosecutor general had apparently asked the Supreme Court on 23 December 2008 that his trial be postpostoned and heard outside of Ghardaïa’s jurisdiction for “security reasons”. The people of Ghardaïa are very mobilised and to show solidarity, on 3 January 2008, the day of the trial, a general strike was largely observed by all shop keepers.

We are now 13 October 2011, which corresponds to the twelth day of Mohammed Baba Nadjar’s hunger strike. His mental and physical health has so deteriorated that he is refusing visits from his family."

Baba Nadjar is considered by the Algerian public opinion to be a political prisoner.
This man is in such despair. The administration and the Algerian government are doing nothing to resolve his situation. Our silence is killing him.