Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Conversations with the absurd - A question of skills

- Were results announced today?
- Yes, they did ok, but it's not great... given that they knew the questions in advance. 
- Won't seem like a suspicious ranking then.
Local schools in our area have been told to simultaneously run an exam to test literacy. The results won't count nationally, nor will they affect the funds or the future of the schools that will end up at the bottom.

As soon as the exam date was set, the director organised a teachers' meeting in the photocopy room, they were getting ready to leak questions. Simultaneously, students were contacting teachers demanding to be given the questions in advance. Both side were in symbiosis. 

The test was leaked. To 6 year-old children. They don't know how to read, write or count yet, but they are already perfectly aware that an exam isn't a test of knowledge, it's a test of skills. Cheating is the exam. Cheating is the skill. Is cheating is a question of survival?

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