Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Conversations with the absurd - Pregnancy and Cakes

A few days back, relatives so distant you could call them strangers came to visit. As it often happens when recently married women are among the group, older women who have been married a while turn the spotlight on these young brides and the conversation inevitably turns towards the shape of lower abdomens, an indirect manner to fill the bottle (to get information to later shine in gossiping contests) on the brides' private relationship with their spouse.

- Nice bump, are you pregnant?
- What? No! We've been to so many wedding parties, I've eaten too much cake these last few weeks, got a bit overweight that's all.
- Come on, I was at the doctors with your cousin last month and when we chatted she said you might be expecting.
- No, I'm not, I take the pill anyway.
- You shouldn't take the pill so early on, have children first, men love to have children, lots of children, take the pill when you're old and can no longer have any.

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