Modern Algerian Lit

What is Algerian literature and who are the authors who are, and have been, building it since before independence?

However difficult Algerian literature might be to define, it isn't just about the Boualem Sansal, Yasmina Khadra, Amin Zaoui and Waciny Laaredj of this world. It is being written by a large number of authors, both women and men, whose works are often not getting any visibility, in Algeria or abroad.

In order to leave a trace of what is currently getting published in Algeria, to encourage reading these works, and to keep a record of what has been published since independence, I have started the below list. 

The list is organised according to authors' names alphabetically ordered, with their most recent books appearing first. Similarly to this blog's Algerian Women Writers page, this list continually gets updated. If you are an Algerian author and would like to be added to the list, get in touch and send me your book. If you are a reader and would like to suggest any authors, do get in touch and send your suggestions.

Chawki Amari

L'ane mort

Review in English here


 Nationale 1

Review in English here

Salim Bachi

Le grand frere (the big brother)

(short story)

Rachid Bouxerroub
Tislit n ughanim [Bride of Reeds]

El Amel eds, 2015

Discussion with the author in English here

Anouar Benmalek

Fils du Sheol (Son of She'ol)
Casbah, 2015

Abdel Hafed Benotman

Les forcenes
Rivages Noir

Tahar Djaout #CLASSIC

Les vigiles

Abdelkader Djemai


Memoires de negre
ENAL eds, 1991 (in France, published by Points eds)

Ryad Girod

La fin qui nous attend (2015)

Review in Fr here

Review-express in EN here 

Barzakh, 2009

Review in French here

Malek Haddad #CLASSIC

Mohamed Kacimi

Bouqala (texte by Mohamed Kacimi, illustrations by Rachid Koreichi)

Mansour Kedidir
La nuit la plus longue
Apic, 2015

Yasmina Khadra
La derniere nuit du Rais (FR version)
The Last Night of the Dictator (EN version)

Waciny Laaredj


2084, The story of the Last Arab

Amara Lakhous

 Dispute over a very Italian Piglet

Amid Lartane

(The Flight of the Green Faulcon)
Metaille eds,   

 Review-express in French

Ali Malek

Ali Malek
Le Chien de Titanic (The dog of Titanic)
Barzakh, 2006

Mouloud Mammeri  #CLASSIC

La traversee

re-edited by Dar El Othmania

Le sommeil du juste

re-edited by Dar El Othmania

Ahcene Mariche #POETRY

Djamel Mati

Yoko et les gens du Barzakh
Chihab, 2016

Brahim Metiba

Ma mere et moi
Mauconduit eds, 2015

Won the Prix littéraire Beur FM Méditerranée 2016.

Badr'Eddine Mili
Les abysses de la passion maudite

Chihab, 2015

 Rachid Mimouni #CLASSIC



Sofiane Mokhnesh

Akli Tadjer

Les Thermes du Paradis

Review-express in English here 

Djamel Eddine Taleb
Mim editions, 2015

Review-express in French here

Habib Tengour
Le Maitre de l'heure (the Master of Time)


Boualem Sansal
2084 La Fin du Monde

Review in English here

Habib Sayah

Boufateh Sebgag

Incomplete Meetings
[ لقاء لم يكتمل]

Description in French here

Tahar Wattar

Miloud Yabrir
جنوب الملح  (South of Salt)

Review-express in English here

Smail Yabrir

 Amin Zaoui

Sommeil du Mimosa

Sonate des Loups

Contemporary and young (relatively) authors 

Samir Qasimi (1974-) (Loss Permit and A Great Day to Die (Youm Ra’ih lilmout, 2009) Profile on IFPAF 

Amara Lakhous (1970-) - Clash of Civilisation Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio. (See his website).

Bahia Kiared

Aziz Chouaki - the Star of Algiers (trans. 2005)

Chawki Amari (1964-) - Nationale 1 (2007)

Nina Bouraoui - Mes mauvaises Pensées (2005). (Bibliography)

Born in the 1950s

-Writing in Arabic-

Amine Zaoui (1956-) (publishes in Arabic and French)

Waciny Al-Aredj (1954-)

Bashir Mufti - see a Q&A with Mufti.

Ahlem Mostaghanemi (1953-) - (bibliography)  

Hamid Grine (1954-) - (writes in Arabic and in French)

-Writing in French-

Anouar Benmalek (1956-) - list of his books here

Amine Zaoui (1956-) - (publishes in Arabic and French).

Yasmina Khadra (1955-)

Tahar Djaout (1954-1993) - list of his books here

Born in the 1940s

-Writing in Arabic-

Merzak Bagtache (1945-) - see list of his novels here (see a Q&A with Bagtache)

-Writing in French-

Boualem Sansal (1949-)

Rachid Mimouni (1945-1995)

Fatima Gallaire, (1944-) - playright

Youcef Sebti (1943-1993) - poet

Rachid Boudjedra (1941-)

Born in the 30s

-Writing in Arabic-

Tahar Wattar (1936-2010).

-Writing in French-

Malek Alloula (1937-)

Assia Djebar (1936-2015) - (real name Fatma-Zohra Imalayène) profile here

Fadela M’Rabet (1936-)

Colette Anna Melki (1931-1966)


Ahmed Rida Houhou (1911-1956) - father of the first Algerian novel (published in 1947). [in Arabic]
Mouloud Feraoun (1913-1962) [in French]
Mouloud Mammeri (1917-1989). [in French]
Mohammed Dib (1920-2003) - author of the awesome trilogy. Perhaps the only Algerian author to have written a trilogy? [in French]
Abdelhamid Benhedouga (1925-1996) - considered to have written the first true Algerian novel: Le vent du sud, Rih el Djnoub))
Jean Senac (1926–1962) - Poet [in French]
Malek Haddad (1927-1978) - poet and novelist. [in French]
Kateb Yacine (1929-1989) - super star. [in French]

Jean Amrouche (1906-1962) and Taos Amrouche (1913-1976) - you can find out a lot about both Jean and Taos from the blog of journalist Hocine Lamriben. [Jean wrote in French, Taos wrote in French and composed her songs in Kabyle]

Zekri Cheikh (Moufdi Zakaria) (1908-1977) – poet, author of Qassaman. [in Arabic]


Apuleius (c. 124- c. 170 AD) - The Golden Ass (Metamorphoses) - the first Algerian novel in the history of novels ! Written in Latin. 

Si Muhand U M'hand (1848-1905) - poet [in Kabyle]

(under construction)

Classic novels in Algerian literature :

Ahmed Rida Houhou (1911-1956) - father of the first Algerian novel (published in 1947). [wrote in Arabic]

Tahar Wattar - El Laz (The Ace, 1974), El Zilzal (Earthquake, 1974) [wrote in Arabic]

Abdelhamid Benhadouga - Le Vent du Sud (The South Wind) (1971) [wrote in Arabic]

Rachid Mimouni (1945-1995) - Tombéza (1984) [wrote in French]

Assia Djebar (1936-2015) - (real name Fatma-Zohra Imalayène) profile here
[wrote in French]

Kateb Yacine (1929-1989) - super star - see his bibliography here [wrote in French]

Apuleius (c. 124- c. 170 AD) - The Golden Ass (Metamorphoses) - the first Algerian novel in the history of novels ! [Wrote in in Latin!] 

Si Muhand U M'hand (1848-1905) - poet [wrote in Kabyle]

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