Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Further reports of Eritrean troops in East Sudan

I have been redirected towards another article (in AlNahda) written in Arabic which reports, as Adoulis did mid-October, that Eritrean troops have been deployed in Eastern Sudan, armed and remain posted there. I am copying part of the article here translated in English. The online paper Al Nahda is not always reliable because it tends to quote without naming its sources, relying on word of mouth only. It also spoils its analysis by leaning towards the dramatic. That said, it is Eritreans themselves, those who are settled in East Sudan, who are alerting their relatives and so it is only via word of mouth at the moment that this information is traveling. According to this article in AlNahda, Sudan is looking to resolve the situation via diplomatic means and is hushing up media agencies.

Southern Sudan is set to hold a referendum on 9 January 2011 to choose whether it wants to remain part of Sudan or separate.

Alnahda article is HERE.

The report says:

"I have received information from the same brothers a few days ago, and they reported that the planned military offensive had already begun. The Eritrean regime's army has moved deep in Sudanese territory, toward Khor Baraka and the mountains of Arerb. Last week the military forces extended into the area of Jmbekta where Rashaida [ethnic group] are located. The aggressor entered the area armed [...] Another group of the invading forces entered Khor Baraka where the Bbai [ethnic group in Sudan] are located."

It is believed that Eritrean troops are still
in position now.

What is happening?

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