Monday, 16 June 2014

"Writers of the World" exhibition in the metro stations of Algiers - FELIV

The International Festival of Literature and Young people's Literature (FELIV) opened in Algiers on 11 June and will close on 20 June.

Publishers, authors and the public are meeting to browse, discuss and debate literature produced around the world, its place and its future.  Many authors were invited and many are to be found having chatting around the esplanade of Riadh El Feth, signing copies for readers, and posing with them for photos. Books presented by publishing houses are in French and Arabic. Debates are held in French.

As part of the Festival, photographer Francesco Gattoni put together an exhibition of his photographs of "Authors Around the World". 50 writers' portraits are to be found in three stations of Algiers' metro: Tafourah, Les Jardins d'Essai and Les Fusilés. Next to each portrait, a presentation of the author and a text in French and Arabic speaks of the author, presents excerpts of an author's work or lets the author speak.

For those who can't make it, here are the portraits exhibited in Tafourah and Les Jardins d'Essais. They should give you great ideas for your next reads over the next few months.

Metro Station : Tafourah

Wendy Guerra - Cuba

Bernard Wallet - France

Yahia Belaskri - Algeria

Valerio Evangelisti - Italy

Annie Ernaud - France

W.G. Sebald -  Germany

Julien Delmaire - France

Naguib Mahfouz - Egypt

Dany Laferrière - Haiti/Canada

Fernando Arrabal - Spain

Rawi Hage - Canada

Maurice Nadeau - France

Sordj Chalandon - France

James Noel - Haiti

Metro Station : Les Jardin d'Essais 


Anouar Benmalek - Algeria


Ivan Thays - Peru

Gary Victor -  Haiti

Sergio Ferrero - Italy

Edouard Glissant - Martinique

Eduardo Berti - Argentina

Erri de Luca -  Italy

Karla Suarez - Cuba

Luis Sepulveda - Chile

Pietro Citati - Italy

Reina Maria Rodriguez - Havana

Alfredo Pita - Peru

Günter Grass -  Germany

Ismail Kadare - Albania

Leonora Miano - Cameroon

Arnaldur Indridason  - Iceland

Manuel Rivas - Spain

Susan Sontag -  America

Enrique Vila Matas - Spain

Has anyone been to Les Fusilés metro station?

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