Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Strangler of Algiers by Azdine - Algerian Crime Fiction

For ‪#‎CrimeFiction‬ fans: The Strangler of Algiers (L’étrangleur d’Alger) by Azdine published at Apic éditions (Apic Noir) in 2010 (183 p.)

The niece of the minister has been found strangled in the lavatories of her university. Just as Inspector Ben is called to investigate, another victim is found strangled. A serial murderer is on the loose in Algiers and he seems only interested in the daughters of privileged families.

Soon after the fourth victim, Inspector Ben understands what links these young women. All the victims were once in class together in high school and all were friends with Hayet, a young girl whose suspicious death was too quickly declared as a suicide. Has Hayet's father, Billel Medfoun, resurfaced to avenge his daughter?

A fun read and another addition to Algerian Crime Fiction.

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