Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Escape by Ahmed Akkache - the first Algerian Prison Break

'The Escape' (L'évasion) by Ahmed Akkache is the 'Prison Break' epitome of Algerian literature. Set in the 50s, Akkache tells the story of the attempted escape of five Algerian men imprisoned in the political wing of a French prison, in the city of Angers.

Ahmed Akkache was a communist militant and an important figure during the Algerian war of independence, as well as post-war. During his militancy, he was arrested by the French authorities. He was sent to France and jailed there - a customary tactic of the French authorities to break the link between freedom fighters and their groups, and which was implemented before and throughout the war of independence.

In these French prisons, Algerian militants were grouped in the same jail-wings to contain them, and to contain the news and facts of war that these men would otherwise necessarily reveal to French men if they were jailed together.
While in jail in Angers, Akkache managed to escape from the prison's hospital aided by a group of French communists. It is this real escape that Akkache has used to build the scenario of a daring and courageous 'prison break' in L'évasion

This novel was published in 1973 by SNED, and is prefaced by Yacine Kateb. The pair had known each other for 20 years and were great friends. They had met and worked together at the newspaper Alger Républicain.

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Ahmed Akkache, born in 1926, died aged 84 in 2010. Rest in peace. 

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