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Algerian Detective Story Writers - Top 10

{(under expansion)}

Although titled "Top 10", this is now a Top 11 and expanding. These detective novels are by far the better crafted crime novels I've come across. Check out the whole list here however, they're all worth a read!

1- Maurice Attia - Alger la noire (2012, Barzakh) 
[Alger, the black city]

Available with Barzakh here and with Actes Sud here.


2- Amel Bouchareb
Sakarat Nedjma (the flutters of the star)
(Chihab eds, 2015)

See here for a review.

3- Amara Lakhous 
Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio, (transl. 2008)
Dispute Over a Very Italian Piglet,  Europa Eds, 2014

4- Rahima Karim - Le meurtre de Soma Zaïd (2002, MARSA eds)
(The murder of Soma Zaïd)

5- Salim Aïssa 

Adel s'emmele... Alger, ENAL, 1988.

Mimouna, Alger, Laphomic, 1987. 

6- Abahri Larbi 
Banderilles et muleta. Alger, SNED, 1981.


7- Adlene Meddi
La prière du Maure (2008) [The Moor's prayer]
Le casse-tête turc (Berzakh ed.) (2002) [The Turkish Chinese-Puzzle]

8- Mohammad Benayat
Fredy la rafale, Alger, ENAL, 1991.

9- Boualem Sansal
Le serment des barbares, Folio, 2001. 

10- Youcef Khader
Délivrez la Fidayia! Alger, SNED, 1970.
Halte au plan «terreur». Alger, SNED, 1970.
Pas de «Phantoms» pour Tel-Aviv. Alger, SNED, 1970.
La Vengeance passe par Ghaza. Alger, SNED, 1970.
Les Bourreaux meurent aussi... Alger, SNED, 1972.
Quand les "Panthères " attaquent... Alger, SNED, 1972.

11- Khadra Yasmina
L’automne des chimères. Paris, Editions Baleine, 1998 [Commissaire Llob mystery]
Morituri. Paris, Editions Baleine, 1997 [Commissaire Llob mystery]
Double blanc. Paris, Editions Baleine, 1997 [Commissaire Llob mystery] 
La Foire des enfoirés. Alger, Laphomic, 1993 [Commissaire Llob mystery]
Le Dingue au bistouri. Alger, Laphomic, 1990 [Commissaire Llob mystery]
La part du mort, Julliard, 2004 [Commissaire Llob mystery] 
Qu'attendent les singes ? Julliard, 2014 [Inspector Nora mystery]


My readings were initially guided by this excellent paper. If you have any other pointers, and suggestions, do get in touch.

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